Dominance is all about eroticism, training and understanding. It’s not an easy task becoming a Professional Dominatrix but it’s certainly far from impossible. As long as it’s the right career path for you, that is. If it’s not your choice and you are without any natural passion or curiosity in this highly skilled lifestyle and profession, then you will definitely find this particular venture very challenging, no matter how fashionable and exciting it is.

It’s so easy to be driven by the money and the ‘Super Glam’ image that comes with being such a celebrated and powerful woman, especially with all the current media hype encouraging modern society (at long last), that not only is it acceptable to practice BDSM, it is also legal. But what you need to remember is that this all important service, which has been discretely practised around the world for centuries, is practically an art in it’s own right and requires a passion far beyond that of any sexual experience, as it is truly a psychological and spiritual journey of exploration within your own being.

A Dominatrix is simply a woman, a woman holding her own dominant position within an interpersonal relationship. To become a Professional Dominatrix you must also adopt the lifestyle and attitude required to be part of this specialised field of Female Supremacy. Ordering people around may sound easy, but without the right personality and greater than basic understanding of Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, and Sadism and Masochism (BDSM) as well as the knowledge of local laws within this career, your ability to market your specialised services to attract the right clientele will be limited.

The Miss Monroe Academy is here to teach you the necessary skills required to access this hugely desired and increasingly popular lifestyle and career choice. We help you to create your own true to life Domme personality by enhancing and encouraging the natural dominant skills you already have in your possession. Miss Monroe actively reduces the chances of you feeling fake or exaggerated, by psychologically binding the common threads of your desires, creating the perfect position for you to follow your ambition to be that of a…..

‘Powerful Experienced Professional Dominatrix!’